Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Debate

Not a good night for the OH!man.
The entire first FORTY FIVE MINUTES of the debate were about things that Obama does not like to talk about: the flag lapel pin, William Ayers, The Rev. Not-So-wRight, the "bitter" comments, guns, religion, patriotism. Obama fumbled while trying to deal with these matters to such an extent that at one point he said he had "disowned" Rev. Wright. Called on this by "Georgie Boy" Stephanopoulos, the OH!man quickly backtracked and said he "disowned" Wright's comments. And the hair-splitting continued as Obama tried to have it both ways on the flag issue and then professed his patriotism by saying "I could not help but love this country." Wow - what a ringing endorsement that was for America!
Then, even when the debate turned to foreign affairs Obama was once again put on the defensive when he had to reassure Americans that he actually supports Israel.
Here's the way Obama works: If it's an issue he can't handle or doesn't want to talk about he declares that it's extraneous - some kind of petty "trick" that we shouldn't be talking about. But all of these quirks, all of these associations, all of the questionable characters that he surrounds himself with, all of the bad syntax and instances of misspeak go to his judgment. And that's the real issues here: his judgment - or obvious lack thereof.
In the end the sense deepens that Obama is stubborn and insecure.

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