Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Big Losers

There are more than enough winners and losers to go around after last night's Hillary blowout in Philadelphia.
Here are some of the Big Losers:
Big Mainstream Media (pictured, from last night). The mainstream media missed the trends once again and no one seemed to realize the damage that was done to the vaulted (and overrated) Obama campaign over the past month - and, particularly since the last debate. When will the mainstream media stop cheering for Obama and start reporting what's really happening?
Bobby Casey - The infatuated Casey vowed to deliver the Pennsylvania Catholic vote for his new best chum, the OH!man. Hey, Bobby: Can you say "Bless me father for I have sinned?"
Wacky Jon Corzine - Joisey's failed Governor almost walked away from Hillary and talked about how, as a superdelegate, he could still support Obama. But last night he climbed onto the Bellevue Ballroom stage to try to celebrate with the Clintons. For a guy who presides over Joisey you would think he would have learned by now that you don't offend friends who have long memories.
Bill Richardson - The fast-talking New Mexico Governor and former Clinton cabinet member walked away from his old friends. Keep walking, Bill. Ditto for Robert Reich.
Philly Boss Bob Brady - Brady was officially 'neutral' but played footsie with the OH!man. Brady wanted to have it both ways. The sad thing is that Philly usually lets him get away with this kind of cowardly behavior.
Cell Phone Theorists - A whole bunch of pundits who think they're super hip said all the polls showing Hillary gaining were wrong because they were phone polls that didn't include all those Hip Young People who are always talking and texting on their cell phones. Wrong!
Nancy Pelosi - San Fran Nan came thisclose to endorsing the OH!man. Too close, Madame Speaker. Too close!
Liberal Elites and Left Wing Wackos - This hypocritical fringe crowd will not be deterred. They are determined that the beatification of Obama will continue. That's bad news for the Democrat Party.
There are probably lots more losers but I'll leave it to you to lengthen the list.

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Anonymous said...

Not a Loser and not in anyway connected to the Pennsylvania Primary butttttt........ CONGRATULATIONS to General David Petraeus on his recent recommendation for promotion!! Normally in the media he gets a clip here or a sound byte there but in reality the man has done one hell of a job. It's about time he gets his due recognition. It's really a sad thing when news like this is eclisped by a story about a high school president who lost his job because he went to see Obama. How low will the liberal media go? Well we all know that's a never-ending question. Anyway Congrats To the General... Some people out here still support you!