Monday, April 21, 2008

Setting Bar High

The mainstream media just can't get over their infatuation with Obama.
So, they're setting the bar extraordinarily high for Hillary tomorrow in Pennsylvania. They're saying she has to win by double digits - anything else will be considered a defeat.
And, they're adding that even a huge popular vote victory in the keystone state will not give her a leg up on the nomination, noting that she can only net 10 to 15 delegates out of Pennsylvania.
Let's face it: Most of the media simply don't want Hillary to win. They don't want Mr. Wonderful to have to squirm at all. They feel the nomination is rightfully his.
But pollster John Zogby says that polling over the past weekend shows late-deciding voters breaking Hillary's way. "If a 10-point victory is the pundit-driven threshold she needs on Tuesday, it looks like she can do it," Zogby explains. "This does not look like a one-day anomaly – undecideds dropped to only 5% in this latest single day of polling, and they are breaking Clinton’s way . . . if white and Catholic voters, who still are the biggest portion of undecideds, actually vote, Clinton will have her double-digit victory."
More from Zogby: While Obama continues to lead in eastern Pennsylvania by a 53% to 37% margin, he lost ground in the central part of the state – Clinton now leads there by 16 points, up from eight points in earlier polling late last week. Clinton also expanded her edge in western Pennsylvania, including Pittsburgh, and now leads there, 56% to 33% . . . Clinton was also seen as the candidate who better understands Pennsylvania – by an almost two-to-one margin.
If you recall, this same pattern prevailed in Ohio. Late-deciders broke Hillary's way and she scored a decisive victory. Stay tuned.

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