Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Why Can't He Win?

Obama just outspent Clinton by about 3 to 1.
He's got deliriously enthusiastic supporters on every streetcorner - people who are willing to volunteer their time and fund his huge war chest.
Big media and big city newspapers (like the Philly Inquirer and Daily News) are solidly behind him.
Intellectual elites sing his praises, calling him 'refreshing, caring, exceptionally gifted.'
Indeed, he is an outstanding orator who knows how to fuse the message and the moment and play the crowd like a fine instrument.
And on top of all that, he's able to hide his essential wonkiness behind an appealing smile and an overall look that's easy on the eyes.
And yet he hasn't won a significant primary since February 22.
So, why can't he win the big ones? Why can't he close the deal?
The answer would seem to be clear to anyone who's really paying attention: The country simply isn't sold on this guy. People have honest concerns about him - genuine concerns that go to their core values and deeply held feelings about this nation and the type of person who should assume the Presidency. And in recent weeks those concerns have begun to deepen.
There are questions of maturity, judgment and sensibility here that simply cannot be ignored. And now it's a good bet that these questions will not be ignored.
Stay tuned.

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