Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Amidst Drama And Chaos, Obamaville Unravels

It's finally beginning to happen.
A sense of panic is beginning to set in among Obamatons inside the beltway.
Leading Democrats are now going public with it: They're afraid that Obama is going to lose. They're very afraid.
The past couple of months have been very bad for Obama. So bad, one almost doesn't know where to start. Of course, there was Solyndra. Then the Secret Service scandal. And those dismal jobs reports. And the ridiculous gas prices. And let's not forget the disastrous health care law arguments in front of the Supreme Court. And yes, Obama misjudged the moxie of American Catholic bishops with his  Obamacare assault on religious liberty. Plus, there's always Biden to mess things up. And the Vice-President is guaranteed to do a good job of that almost any day of the week. On top of all this, Obama almost lost the North Carolina Democrat primary to a convicted felon as North Carolina (site of the DNC convention) resoundingly rejected gay "marriage" as well.
So, the North Carolina vote and Biden's big (and some say "reckless") mouth triggered a gay brouhaha that seemed to force Obama to do a flip-flop-flip and come out in support of gay "marriage" after he rejected it, after he seemed to support it, after he actually supported it -- or did he?
So now Obama supports gay "marriage" but it won't be part of the Democrat platform and the president respects the rights of the states to make their own decisions (and, presumably laws) on the matter.
Which is to say his "evolution" includes tacit verbal support but not the conviction to visibly (for now) do anything about it -- I think.
And I haven't even touched upon the phony "war on woman" that the Democrats trumped up because I don't have to. Because, now it seems that women are drifting toward Romney and maybe that was actually the result of the contraception disappearance ploy and the faux "war on woman."
So now the president's poll numbers are actually beginning to show what we said was happening all along: Obama is losing significant support -- even among woman.
And even leading Senate Dems (like Casey, Tester, McCaskell, Kaine, Nelson, Manchin, et. al.) are beginning to put some distance between themselves and the Obama campaign. In fact, Manchin says he flat out won't even vote for Obama.
These senators are scared.
But wait! I've forgotten the African-American ministers who were never brought into the loop on the gay "marriage" thing and are now concerned that Obama is deserting them and their congregations as well. The situation was so bad that a few hours after he announced his support for gay "marriage" the president felt they need to get a bunch of those ministers on the phone on a conference call to try to begin damage control. From all accounts the phone conversation did not go very well.
And yes -- there are now renewed calls for Biden to step down from the ticket as well as calls to move the DNC convention out of North Carolina.
That's enough operatic chaos to fill the stage at The Met.
Can you say "No drama Obama?"

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