Thursday, May 17, 2012

Video: Biden Rant In Ohio -- Is This The End Of Joe?

Everbody's talking about Vice President Joe Biden's near-delusional political rant in Ohio yesterday. Biden's voice rose, his eyes flared and danced, his faced turned red and his temples bulged as he yelled: "They don't get us! They don't get us!" It was hard to figure out what the hell Biden was talking about. He did boast of creating jobs but offered no evidence, no statistics, absolutely nothing to back it up. Those who know say that Biden was instructed to go out and work the white male working class vote because this is where the Dems are having their biggest problem (among many problems) right now. So, Biden decided to woo the angry white male by being even more angry himself. 'Ole Joe must've figured "If you can't fight 'em; join em!" Not very wise. Please recall that Ronald Reagan wooed this same group and successfully created millions of "Reagan Democrats" without ever raising his voice. Reagan never yelled. He never ranted. He almost never, ever lost his cool. And that's when cool actually meant composed, mature, in-charge, unflappable. Anyway, while in Ohio yesterday Biden also strolled into a local Dairy Cream and tried to buy people ice cream. That's the key: Give 'em some ice cream and they'll do whatever you want. They'll follow you anywhere. Result: There's now renewed talk that Obama and the Dems will dump Biden from the ticket. But I don't think it will happen. It's probably too late for that now. Nah . . . this ain't the end of Joe. We'll have to wait till November for that.

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