Thursday, May 31, 2012

How Alaska Epitomizes American Spirit

A trip through Alaska's vast frontier reminds us that our nation was founded and settled by rugged individuals.
The bedrock of America is a frontier spirit -- a spirit of big dreams, fearless adventure and relentless determination. This spirit stems not from a collectivist mentality but from the boundless aspirations and hard work of individuals -- individuals free to pursue their dreams.
And often these dreams were tied to commerce and the pursuit of a better life. That is especially true in Alaska, America's 49th state.
Gold helped to fuel the dreams of those who came to Alaska and it was also important in the settling and development of this land and much of the west.
In fact, one of the gold seekers in Alaska was Frederick Drump. We're told that Drump established a hotel here in Alaska not far fom the Skagway River and did quite well providing accommodations for those who made their way here. The name Drump eventually became Trump. Sound familiar? Frederick Drump was Donald Trump's grandfather,
This may explain why not just Trump but so many others remain avowed champions of America's rugged, individualistic, can-do spirit.
God bless America!

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