Saturday, May 26, 2012

Biden And Obama: They're Quite A Pair!

Neither Obama nor Biden has ever held a job in the free economy.
Neither has ever worked in a business setting. Ever.
So what the hell gives them the right to assault the free market, the free economy, free enterprise and the business sector?
And yet they have the audacity to continue their open unadulterated war on business -- even while numerous Democrats bemoan their tactics and put distance between themselves and the President and his gaffe-prone running mate.
Plus, these two are bent on fomenting class warfare. They thrive on fanning the flames of class envy and resentment.
And another thing: About all those people who refused to vote for McCain because he was running with Palin. You know the ones I'm talking about. The ones who dismissed Palin as a jerk, an idiot, a total incompetent.
I wonder how they feel now -- now that we're stuck with a vice-president who comes off as a total buffoon. To call Biden an embarrassment would be kind. The situation with Biden gets worse by the day, if not the hour. You get the sense that he's just an old loudmouth who's winging it -- a guy who's stuck in his own looney echo chamber; a beat up old pol who actually thinks he's clever or maybe even saying something meaningful while others look on in near-horror.
And yes, I think Obama's gonna hang onto this clumsy 'ole warhorse because he really has no choice at this point. To dump Biden now would be to acknowledge failure; to admit desperation. And you know Obama's not one to acknowledge failure of any sort. No way.
The only way Biden will go is if they can make it appear as if he's leaving voluntarily. That will be tricky at this point. If he goes, people will figure out that he's actually being dumped. Not gonna happen.
Besides, I'm convinced Biden doesn't wanna go. This is heaven for him. Not for us -- but for him.
If he had to leave, where would he go? What would he do? This is it for him. This is the culmination; the pinnacle.It won't get any better than this.
So, I say Biden stays.
The only solution for us is to vote them both out of office.
Let them both be rejected.
Away! Away!

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