Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rubio Is Runaway Choice In Veep Poll

Who would you like as Mitt Romney's running mate?
You answered loud and clear: Senator Marco Rubio.
Rubio was the clear favorite in our poll, garnering 25% of the votes.
Condoleezza Rice came in second with 11% followed by Chris Christie and Paul Ryan with 10% and then Bobby Jindal with 7%.
Rubio is often cited as the vice-presidential frontrunner but of course none of us will actually get to vote for vice president. Mitt Romney will make that choice. And right now it's anyone's guess as to who Romney will pick.
Still, there's no question that the prospect of a Romney-Rubio ticket is probably already giving the Democrats sleepless nights.
But then again, could a Romney-Christie or a Romney-Rice or a Romney-Ryan or a Romney-Jindal ticket be so bad, either?
If you ask me, they're all damned good choices.

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Josh said...

Jindal would be a very intriguing choice. But I don't think he'd want the job. He's used to being in charge and having control. Would he really want to be essentially a figurehead (as the VP is) for 4-8 years?