Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Will Joe Go? Biden A Drag In Swing States

We've been saying it all along: Joe Biden is a buffoon. And he's coming off as an embarrassment to our nation.
People are catching on.

A new USA Today/Gallup Poll says Americans are "divided" on whether they like or dislike the vice president – 42% said they had a favorable opinion, 45% said unfavorable – not exactly a ringing endorsement.

But it gets worse. Much worse. In the 12 swing states that many believe will determine the outcome of the November election, only 40% of registered voters view Biden favorably, while 54% view him unfavorably.

You got that right: That's a 14 negative percent gap.

These numbers are worse than President Obama's who is seen favorably by 50% of registered voters in those same states and unfavorably by 49%. And even Obama's numbers aren't exactly encouraging as they may simply reflect a one-point "likeness" for the man himself while not reflecting voters' willingness to chuck him anyway because of his policies and the failed economy.

But Biden's doing nothing to help the embattled Obama. Nothing.

Will Joe go?
Will he leave quietly?
Will he simply be dumped?
Or is Obama stuck with him?
Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Josh said...

No way Obama dumps Biden. Unless Biden has a clear health condition or some other legitimate reason to drop out on his own volition (and not one that is simply a cover story), it would reek of a panic move while not improving Obama's standing one bit. It could only hurt Obama, not help him.

The only candidate in modern times to dump their running mate during the campaign was George McGovern. And it didn't exactly help McGovern, did it?

And BTW, Joe Biden isn't going to make one bit of difference this November.