Friday, May 11, 2012

Romney Video: Obama Beholden To Union Bosses

“Now, old school liberals used to take their marching orders from the big organized unions. And unions have an important role in our country. People should have the right to join a union if they want to and that’s why we have union elections. But the President doesn’t want to play fair on that basis. He wants to do the bidding of these old union CEO bosses. And so one of the first things he did when he signed his stimulus was to say that all of the federal projects have to be done by union labor. He also, by the way, grants waivers from Obamacare to unions, alright, to his old friends. And then, of course, he’s fought for something known as card check which is the idea that you take away from the American workers the right they have to a secret ballot. And then, of course, by putting his friends on the National Labor Relations Board they made an unusual decision telling Boeing, a great American company, they can’t build a factory in a great American state like the one not far from here, South Carolina. We believe in freedom and letting people choose whether or not to be parts of unions and if I’m president, I’m going to return that freedom to this country.” --Mitt Romney

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