Monday, May 21, 2012

Guest Bloggin' and Hot Dogs

While this blog's regular writer tackles the wonders and wilds of Alaska you can expect some guest blogging from yours truly, aka DOB (daughter of blogger). Just back from a Caribbean cruise and currently in the process of moving a couple states away we'll chat restaurants, news, travel, and all sorts of other good stuff!

Starting with... hot dogs! After seven days of non-stop eating, the kind you can only really do on a cruise, we decided to ease our bodies back into the non-buffet lifestyle with some hot dogs. Gourmet dogs seem to be gaining in popularity here in Philadelphia so we checked out the newly opened Underdogs on 17th Street.

The place is rather small and cash only which typically annoys me but since it's hot dogs and not a high budget item and the dogs were delicious I am willing to get over it (just this once...)! We sampled The Michigan (beef chili, cheddar, onions), The Smoker (hot sausage with pepper hash), and The Texas Tommy (wrapped in bacon, fried and smothered in cheese) and found all to live up to their juicy descriptions. Best of all the hot dogs were substantial and meaty, able to hold the hearty toppings and the fries, which are much like those at Five Guys, were fresh, greasy, hot and delicious... just like we like them! As an added bonus, the fries include a choice of one of 12 zingy dipping sauces. We ordered Georgia Mustard BBQ and were not disappointed!

The atmosphere is a bit more hipster than our tastes but the dogs were so good that we'll overlook that too! What can we say, we've always had a thing for the underdog!

132 South 17th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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