Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer and Ice Cream

18.BrustersIceCream.Hollywood.MD.15jun07 (Photo credit: Elvert Barnes)
As we have reminded you in year's past Memorial Day is only the unofficial start to summer. Despite what most people think summer actually begins on June 20, 2012. However it's starting to feel an awful lot like summer where I am so it's  time to indulge in some summer delicacies, namely, that old warm weather favorite: ice cream!

I prefer the old fashioned hard stuff to frozen yogurt or swirly soft serve so I hit Bruster's Real Ice Cream this weekend. The name says it all, it is real ice cream! Started in PA but now stretching across the Mid-Atlantic Bruster's prices itself on authentic ice cream in amazing flavors, including my favorite: chocolate raspberry truffle! I enjoyed a cup -- and even the smallest cups at Bruster's include two hearty scoops! More than enough to satisfy my sweet tooth!

It may not be summer yet... but no one will stop you from enjoying the treats of the season just a few weeks early!
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