Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Boomers Are Seeing The World

We're traveling with a buncha baby boomers. Well, it's mostly baby boomers, anyway.
And here's my prediction: baby boomers are gonna make (indeed, are making for) very demanding travelers. This should surprise no one.
From the start, baby boomers have been high maintenance.
Because many of them were indulged as children. And they learned to want what they want when they wanted it and to get what they want. They're accustomed to getting what they want. And they can be very impatient -- and now, at their age -- cranky about it.
They're not a horrid generation or anything like that.
They're just not a very accomplished generation.
Most or them have faced no great hardships or huge national crises during their lifetimes. It's not like they lived through the Great Depression or fought World War II or anything like that. There not after all the greatest generation. Hardly.
And now they're headed into the final phase of their lives.
So, those baby boomers who've planned well are now at the age where they can spend a good part of the remainder of their lives pursuing leisure and travel.
I presume that the travel industry is ready for this and has planned accordingly.
These boomers are hitting the road and they expect to be treated with attentiveness and due deference.
Not because they've done anything great for society or the nation or the world or anything like that.
No -- not for any of those reasons.
But just because they're special.*
Very, very special.
And they know it.
*Let's put it this way: It's not like they've DONE anything special; it's simply that they ARE special.

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