Tuesday, May 15, 2012

STUNNER: Romney Pull Ahead Among Women

Some time ago right here I told you that President Obama's internal polls looked bad, very bad.
I told you I had that on good authority.
I told you the Obama campaign was worried. Very worried.
And shortly after I reported this information, Obama & Co. started to unleash new rounds of attacks and diversions. The whole point of the Obama campaign's recent actions has been to divert attention from the economy and damage Mitt Romney's credibility and growing popularity.
But now please note that recent polls have started showing what I originally reported -- Romney is besting Obama and now he even seems to be pulling ahead among women.
Now, a CBS/New York Times poll on the presidential race shows that Romney has not only moved ahead of President Barack Obama 46 percent to 43 percent among all registered voters, but also that Romney has moved ahead of Obama among female registered voters.
Here's the Big Deal here: This is a poll of ALL registered voters. When t=such polls focus on likely voters they tend to show an even greater trend toward Romney.
All of this is very good news for Romney!

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