Saturday, May 19, 2012

Christie Announces Removal Of Shore Bridge Fence

The Christie Administration has announced that the New Jersey Turnpike Authority has re-engineered the security fencing which will permit the removal of one-half mile of the fencing installed between the Great Egg Harbor and Drag Channel Bridges. Residents and visitors have questioned the necessity of the fence due to the visible obstruction it caused and perceptions about its usefulness. The Turnpike Authority will begin work on removing the fence on Monday, May 21, before the Memorial Day holiday.

“I am pleased that by working with Senator Van Drew on this issue, we have been able to move forward with a solution to address the concerns of local residents,” said Governor Chris Christie. “The Turnpike Authority will begin work on removing the fence this Monday, with the intention of having both the fence and posts removed by Memorial Day.”

The removed pieces of fencing will be repurposed by NJTA for right of way fencing on other parts of the Garden State Parkway. Approximately 500 ft. of reengineered fencing will remain in select areas.

"This is a good day for South Jersey. This bridge is a gateway to both Cape May and Atlantic Counties, it is surrounded by some of the most beautiful vistas in the country. While seemingly not a huge issue, placement of this fence truly bothered residents and visitors alike. Both because it aesthetically had the appearance of a security system around a penitentiary and was obviously non-functional. I am particularly happy that work removing the fence will begin before Memorial Day and the fence will be used elsewhere,” said Senator Jeff Van Drew.

“I personally want to thank Governor Christie, Chief Counsel McKenna, and Executive Director Hakim for responding to my concerns and those of local residents with this issue. Chris Christie is a Governor that truly cares about doing what is right for New Jersey and takes the appropriate action to make it happen," continued Senator Van Drew.

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