Tuesday, January 15, 2013

600 Memorials For 55 Million Babies, Tues. 1/22

A very special message for everyone who cares about the unborn!
600 Memorials for 55 Million Babies
Next Tuesday, January 22, 2013, the 40th anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court ruling which legalized abortion on demand, pro-life advocates across America are being urged to memorialize the 55 million pre-born babies who have been aborted since that ruling 40 years ago on that date.
When people want to express their sorrow for tragic deaths, they often bring symbols of their grief to the sites of the deaths, including candles, flowers and messages. When children are killed, those symbols often include stuffed animals and balloons, such as for the recent school massacre in Newtown. Pro-lifers can help commemorate the 55 million pre-born babies who were aborted before they could even take a breath.
RNC for Life is urging those who value the sanctity of life to remember those innocent babes byplacing flowers, balloons and stuffed animals at the approximately 600 abortion facilities across America next Tuesday. We also encourage you to pray silently in front of the abortion facility after placing your memorial.

You don’t have to spend much time at the abortuary and you don’t have to spend much money on the symbols you place there. But these memorials – hopefully 600+ of them – will send amessage to all who see them: Some of the 55 million innocents were killed HERE and we grieve for them.
We hope that these spontaneous memorials will be placed at every abortuary, accompanied by sweet reminders of unborn children and even messages to those innocent babies. We are confident that, in seeing these hundreds of memorials with thousands of participants, America will come to realize the magnitude of the horror that abortion is and has been for four decades. A flyer suitable to distribute is available here which will give you specific suggestions.
Please forward this to everyone you know who believes in the sanctity of Life. We must not let this infamous anniversary go by without memorializing these babes who have been murdered in the womb at the rate of about 3300 EVERY DAY!
Thank you for your help.

Dianne Edmondson

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