Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Christie's NJ Supreme Court Nominees Score High

What They’re Saying:
“Independence And Fair-Mindedness”
Robert Hanna And David Bauman “Appear Well-Qualified For The [New Jersey Supreme] Court,” And The Senate Needs To “Act Promptly And Take Petty Politics Out Of The Mix”

The Record“Analysis: Supreme Court Nominees Have Independent Streak” (Anthony Campisi, “Analysis: Supreme Court Nominees Have Independent Streak,” The Record, 12/12/12)

·        “Christie said he had imposed no litmus test on his nominees, and people who know the men spoke of their independence and fair-mindedness.”

The Record Editorial Board: “[B]oth men appear well-qualified for the court.” (Editorial, “A Full Court,” The Record, 12/11/12)

·        “If the governor selects well-qualified nominees to sit on the bench, the Senate should confirm those nominees. Enough petty politics. It's time for the New Jersey Supreme Court to have a full roster of judges.”

·        And unlike Harris and Kwon, they both have been previously confirmed by the Senate for the jobs they have now. … The Senate approved both with no dissenting votes.

·        “In an annual review of judges by the New Jersey Law Journal, Bauman earned his highest score (9.27 out of 10) for handling cases without ethnic, religious or political bias. That type of record would serve him well on the Supreme Court.”

Asbury Park Press Editorial Board: “[W]e hope the obsession with the nominees’ political histories won’t obscure the need for the Senate to view the candidates’ qualifications with an open mind.” (Editorial, “Will politics prevail on court nominees?” Asbury Park Press, 12/12/12)

South Jersey Times Editorial Board: “It’s too soon to judge whether either potential justice will pass muster, but not too soon to ask that lawmakers act promptly and take petty politics out of the mix.” (Editorial, “Give N.J. Justice Picks Fast, Fair Scrutiny,” South Jersey Times, 12/12/12)

·        “On Monday, the governor sent the Senate two new names. It’s a new opportunity to provide a full-strength court.”

·        “The reasons for the rejections were fairly weak. At this point, Sweeney and the Democrats own the problem of why the Supreme Court limps along with five justices ...”

Monmouth County attorney Brian Ansell “… who works with Bauman as chairman of the local bar association’s civil practice committee, called him ‘knowledgeable, fair and sensitive to the needs of all individuals involved in the justice system.’” (Anthony Campisi, “Analysis: Supreme Court Nominees Have Independent Streak,” The Record, 12/12/12)

Ocean Township Attorney Peter Lucas “ … who has known Bauman since he was in private practice, highlighted his ‘personal integrity’ in explaining why Bauman is a judge straight out of ‘central casting.’” (Anthony Campisi, “Analysis: Supreme Court Nominees Have Independent Streak,” The Record, 12/12/12)

“[L]awrence Lustberg, one of the state’s top appellate lawyers, said Hanna has shown ‘really good judgment.’ Hanna worked under Lustberg while an attorney at Gibbons PC in Newark and appeared opposite him many times in the years Hanna worked as a federal prosecutor.”

·        “I think he would be an excellent justice,” Lustberg said, adding that Hanna is a “very, very solid decision-maker.”

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