Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bawdy Sundance Party Celebrates Decadence

The once cozy Sundance Film Festival (which gave rise to the independent film movement) is beginning to turn relatively tame Park City Utah into a den of iniquity, or so it would seem. Here's an excerpt from a revealing story in the Los Angeles Times:
"Parties at the Sundance Film Festival typically feature maverick filmmakers, the best in nouvelle cowboy cuisine and plentiful pours of high-end spirits and Utah microbrews.
"But the bash thrown by Hollywood's powerful Creative Artists Agency on Sunday night took festival revelry in an unexpectedly bawdy direction, as
Sundance guests mingled with lingerie-clad women pretending to snort prop cocaine, erotic dancers outfitted with sex toys and an Alice in Wonderland look-alike performing a simulated sex act on a man in a rabbit costume.
"For decades, CAA has carefully maintained a reputation as Hollywood's most meticulous talent firm, but CAA's leave-nothing-to-chance attention to decorum vanished in that Bacchanalian blizzard on the snowy streets of this mountain resort."

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