Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How To Handle Obama's Power Grab

How to handle President Obama's latest power grab?
This is the question that many conservatives are intensely pondering.
And many are also asking WHY the president is unilaterally attempting to exercise such sweeping power.
Let's answer the second question first. The president is taking these actions because he won the election and he feels empowered. He's ready to flex some political muscle. And he wants to take advantage of the nation's latest crisis -- what the liberals have now termed "gun violence" (as opposed to gun control, which is what it really is).
He's been taught not to let a good crisis go to waste and he's a quick and effective learner. The election proved that.
Plus, this gives Obama yet another chance to demonize his opponents; to reduce their ideas to the absurd; to trivialize their notions; to marginalize them. And he delights in this. In his world such brazenness is what passes for leadership.
So, the president is simply rolling from one campaign to another. This is what he does best. He doesn't want to govern. He doesn't want to bring people together. He only wants to keep his people together -- keyed up, united, mobilized for him and his agenda. And for this he needs a near constant state of emergency - brinksmanship 24/7. He thrives on chaos, calamity and confrontation.
So now to the first question: How to answer all this, what to do about it?
Well, there's something to be said for simply doing nothing.
Let Obama and Biden and Reid and Pelosi take whatever actions they're going to take.
Let Obama overreach.
Let the Democrats seize (or at least attempt to seize) more and more and more power. Unleash them. Stand aside and let them loose.
They're so sure they know what's best.
They say they know what power they want and how they want to get it. They're chomping at the bit.
So, don't bother to rant and rave. Just let them be.
Let them.
And then wait. Just wait.

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