Wednesday, January 23, 2013

YOU Pick The Year's Best Movie; Vote In Our Poll!

The Oscars are just around the corner.
Yes, Hollywood has announced the nominations for the Oscars which will be presented on February 24.
But only Hollywood insiders vote in those polls. And actual moviegoers often don't agree with Hollywood's choice anyway.
So now here's YOUR chance to pick the Best Picture of the Year.
Vote in our poll. We've given you more than 20 films to choose from. Tell us your favorite. Is it Lincoln or Silver Linings Playbook or Most Exotic Marigold Hotel or Les Miserables or Life of Pi or The Master or maybe some other film?
Here's your chance to vote.
The more votes we get, the more accurate our poll will be.
So, vote today at the right top of this blog page.
We want to hear from you!

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