Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dining: Just For The Halibut, Head Over To Redstone

Do you like halibut?
We do and we order it every chance we get, whenever it's on the menu at any of our favorite restaurants.
We were recently dining at Redstone and we ordered the parmesan crusted halibut with garlic mashed potatoes, grilled greens, tomato marmalade and caper beurre blanc. It was extraordinary!
Just look at the photo of it above -- shown exactly as it was presented to us.
The halibut was seared and the crust was thin and just crispy enough. Though it lovingly caressed the halibut in no way did the crust detract from the wonderfully light flavor of the fish which was tender and succulent. Adorning this substantial piece of fish were zesty garlic mashed potatoes and firm green beans.
Without a doubt, his was one of the finest servings of halibut we've ever enjoyed anywhere.
As you can see from the photo Redstone's warm, inviting bar area (with spacious dining sections on either side) is surely the place to be on chilly winter nights. And the staff is helpful and courteous.

Pictured below are two of the other dishes that we enjoyed at Redstone: The rotisserie chicken chopped salad with mixed greens, rotisserie chicken, cornbread croutons, grape tomatoes, applewood smoked bacon, golden raisins, sweet corn and honey-lime vinaigrette (blue cheese crumbles available upon request) and a special chicken marsalla dish that was featured the night we were there. The plates ranged from $14 for the salad to $32 for the halibut.

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