Thursday, January 17, 2013

Noonan: Foul Wind Blows As Obama Turns Sour

Peggy Noonan nails it in her latest column in the Wall Street Journal. Here's an excerpt:
So here is what is utterly remarkable: President Obama has been using the days and weeks leading up to his inauguration to show the depth of his disdain for the leaders of the other major party and, by inference, that party's voters, which is to say more or less half the country. He has been spending his time alienating instead of summoning. It has left the political air more sour and estranged.
As a presidential style this is something strange and new. That has to be said again: It is new, and does not augur well. . . .
Maybe the president doesn't operate with as much good faith as he thinks, and maybe the other side isn't as bad as he pretends. As I watched his news conference and his gun-control remarks I thought, for the first time in a while, that the Republicans are finally getting a break.
He is overplaying his hand.
He does that. He's doing it again.
Click here to read the entire column which we highly recommend.

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