Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wintour & Co.: Do As We Say, Not As We Do

The Daily Telegraph is out with a great story about Anna Wintour (The Queen of Mean) and her zillionaire main squeeze Shelby Bryan. The philosophy of this devious duo seems to be "Do as we say, not as we do." Apparently, they think that paying taxes is only for clueless working stiffs. Here's an excerpt.
Shelby Bryan, the long-term boyfriend of Anna Wintour, the Vogue editor in contention to be Barack Obama's next ambassador to Britain, owes the US government more than $1.2 million in taxes. Bryan, a former adviser to Bill Clinton who helped raise funds for Mr Obama's re-election campaign, has owed the money to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) since 2006, according to court filings obtained by The Daily Telegraph from Texas.
As usual, we have to read the foreign press to find out what's going on in our own country.
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