Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How You Can Help Keep Georgetown Faithful

Here is a very special message from the Cardinal Newman Society:

Hundreds of students and alumni of Georgetown University have made a bold stand for the Catholic faith -- and now they need your help, right away!

As you know, William Peter Blatty, a devoted Georgetown alumnus and author of the Exorcist, is leading other alumni and students from Georgetown in a canon law appeal, begging the Church for help in ending persistent scandal at this once-great institution.

And now the appeal has been sent to Rome, at the recommendation of the Archdiocese of Washington!

When Bill Blatty shared this news with me, I could tell that he is excited, but also a little nervous.

He is nervous, because he anticipates that Georgetown will have its many powerful friends whispering in the ears of Vatican officials that the canon law effort is the work of just a few people (actually hundreds), and that in fact most people love what Georgetown is doing and what it has become.

Bill knows what you and I know -- that faithful Catholics across the country are heartbroken and angry over the secularization of the nation's oldest Catholic university, but he is not convinced that the Vatican knows how deep this concern is.

I'd like to give Bill the evidence he needs to show the Vatican that we do care about reclaiming Georgetown for the Church, for our Faith and ultimately for Christ -- or at the very least, forcing the university to either live up to its Catholic mission or to relinquish the claim of Catholic identity.

Please click this button to show Bill your support for the canon law appeal.

At this link you can also send Bill a short note expressing your support and prayers or share stories about the harm caused by Catholic campus scandals.

[Click here if you can't see the button.]

I know that Bill would be so very grateful and armed with testimonies of support from you and others, he can prove that it's not just a small group of alumni and students begging for help in ending Georgetown's scandal, but it is a large, powerful movement.

Thank you!

Yours in Christ,

Patrick J. Reilly

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