Monday, October 28, 2013

Special LIVE Message From Governor Christie

On a conference call right now with Governor Chris Christie. He's asking EVERYONE to remain committed to the job at hand as we enter the final week of the campaign.
He says this will be viewed "as one of the most incredible statewide grassroots efforts that has ever been launched in the state's history -- in all 21 counties."
He says it is "totally a team effort" and he's very proud of it. He calls it "a great volunteer program" and says that this year volunteers have "made more than 3.5 million voter contacts" and that nearly half a million of these have been by door knocks. He's thanking everyone for their efforts and says "we've ID'ed more that 120 new supporters."
And the last week will see a real blitz by the Christie campaign and he stresses that "this is a slate effort." He promises a "very different" election night centered in Asbury Park "with a full night of really fun things planned with events for everyone."
But for now Christie is ready for a "huge bus tour" for the final week where he and the Lt. Governor will each make stops in every one of New Jersey's 21 counties with 92 stops in all. "We're gonna be fired up and ready to go," Christie says.
Christie pledges his complete support for those running with him and he generously thanks all of the volunteers at his campaign's more than 20 victory centers around the state. Hundreds of thousands of phone calls and door knocks are set for the coming week.
He notes that "the entire country is gonna be watching what happens next Tuesday night" as the campaign produces "a new and different coalition of voters" from what we've seen before.

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