Sunday, October 27, 2013

So Many Shoutouts, We're Most Grateful!

We've been getting more than our share of shootouts lately and we're most grateful.
First, our thanks to the wonderful Christine Flowers who mentions us in her most recent Philadelphia Daily News column.
Here's part of what Christine had to say in commenting on Governor Chris Christie's most recent decision not to fight gay marriage in the courts any further:

"The liberals who are dancing with joy over Christie's capitulation shouldn't be too quick to adopt him as their mascot. As my good friend and PR sage Dan Cirucci observes: "I think Christie's learned how long and how far a matter can be pursued. I don't think this changes his basic view about gay marriage - a position he's held for quite some time. He simply made a clear-headed, practical decision. Once again, he's shown himself to be a principled pragmatist."
"I'm not as sanguine as Dan about the guy who used to be my favorite governor. But the progressives need to stop gloating and get back to fixing that website."
Thank you, Christine for taking note of our (and Governor Christie's) side of the argument.
And then Christine mentioned us again on television this morning on 6 ABC's Inside Story in Philadelphia. Once again, she took note of our interpretation of Governor Christie's action as we deemed in "principled pragmatism." Thank you, Christine!
The new Executive Director of the Philadelphia Bar Association, Mark Tarasiewicz is also worthy of our thanks and appreciation. In an interview with the Philadelphia Business Journal Mark mentioned us in connection with his many endeavors over the years. We are thrilled that Mark has been such a success and we are always honored to be associated with him. Thanks, Mark!
Yes, it's nice to be the recipient of such kind words.
But nicer still are those who take the time to remember and acknowledge. They're the real champs!

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