Saturday, October 19, 2013

Keep Catholic Academia Faithful To Church Teaching!

Here is a very special message from the Cardinal Newman Society:

Dear Friends,

Wow! What an amazingly busy week it has been, but one that continues to remind us how extremely important is the mission of The Cardinal Newman Society.

We continued to hold Catholic institutions of higher learning responsible for preserving authentic Catholic identity on campuses—like the LMU professor who continues to campaign for abortion coverage, or the dissident Notre Dame professor who is lamenting a "crackdown" on Catholic theologians promoting contraception.

The week also reminded us that a strong on-campus Catholic identity bears great fruit. This included Franciscan University professor Anne Hendershott's warning that Catholic educators should not adopt Common Core into their curricula.

We learned that another Benedictine College alumnus has been elevated to bishop, and that Ave Maria University launched the Mother Teresa Project, dedicated to sharing her life's work and faith.

And there was even word that Santa Clara University (also Jesuit-run like LMU) has followed suit and is dropping its health insurance abortion coverage.

Thank you for your continued support of The Cardinal Newman Society, and as we celebrate the today's feast of St. Luke—physician and evangelist—let us continue to pray for the continued healing and renewal of Catholic education in the United States.

With Fidelity to Truth,

- Joseph R. Giganti, Sr., Vice President for News & Communications

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