Thursday, October 17, 2013

Message To Senator-Elect Booker: Don't Forget The 44%

Well, it turns out that 44% of the voters in New Jersey (perhaps one of the top two or three most liberal states in the union) actually liked a proven conservative who was characterized by his opponent (in an $8 million dollar Hollywood and NYC-funded campaign) as a "polarizing, far right, tea party member who was completely out of touch with voters in the state." 
And all this happened at what was supposed to be a super low-point for conservatives. 
Message to Senator-elect Booker: Put aside your Twitter account; forget the glitterati; get feet planted firmly on Jersey soil and don't forget the 44%.
BTW, Senator-elect Booker: You were elected by only 13% of the state's registered voters. Bear that in mind, sir.

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