Friday, September 28, 2018

Endless Harassment, Threats, Bullying, Mob Rule!

So Jeff Flake announced he would vote to advance the Kavanaugh nomination and this is what happened -- he was cornered in an elevator and harassed.
This is the way it is. This is a mob. What the DemocRATS want is mob rule, pure and simple -- those who disrupt, those who threaten, those who get in your face, those who shout the loudest, Those who chase you out of a restaurant or harass you at home, those who bully and harass - they win. Everybody else-- shut up! This is the Democrat prescription. This is what they want America to be.
This cannot stand!

Now it's been reported that the Democrats walked out of the Judiciary Committee's confirmation hearing to hold a news conference! Sounds about right!

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