Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Quick Take On Dr. Ford: Round One . . .

As a PR practitioner I'm compelled to pay attention to the optics: Dr. Ford has the voice and, to some extent, the demeanor of a pre-teen girl.
She uptalks, sort of like a Valley Girl.
She sort of waddles along in this milieu and I would imagine this might make her a sympathetic figure to SOME women, though probably not to most men.
But somehow it all doesn't fit together. It doesn't add up.
This sort of vaguely juvenile vulnerability doesn't always jive.
Because she also says she specifically remembers certain things (and presumably doesn't remember other things) because of "neurons" in her brain. Yet, it needs to be explained to her what "exculpatory" means (remember she holds a Phd.) and she doesn't know who paid for her lie detector test or how her legal bills are being paid. Presumably, all the rest of us know that she was invited to testify in California (so as not to have to fly since she's afraid of flying, or NOT?) but she never knew she was invited to testify on home turf.
She very much seems to know most of what she needs to know and, somewhat curiously, NOT much of anything else.

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