Friday, September 21, 2018

What If It Was Your Husband, Son, Brother, Father?

A facebook friend writes as follows:
Men should be living in fear. Some scorned girl from the third grade, some one time date in 9th grade, some woman you don't even know can say anything she wants--and the Democrats say we should believe her.
I feel sorry for boys and men these days.
Except for Keith Ellison--he [allegedly] beat his girlfriend up and the Democrats haven't said a word about it. Of course Ellison is black, Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee, and just ruins the narrative. Therefore none will speak against him. Hypocrites.
Our friend does have a point. But there's an even bigger issue here and it would seem to supersede race, status or party affliation. And it may foretell where we are (dangerously) headed. Think about this:
If you are a woman who has a father, husband, son or brother, would you want him to be presumed guilty? Would you want his accuser to be automatically believed? Would you want him to be denied the opportunity to respond after his accuser presents her story? Would you want his accuser to set the detailed terms of his hearing? Would you want him to be presumed guilty? Would you?
There are serious fundamental rights at stake here -- your rights, OUR rights!
Don't forget it!

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