Sunday, September 23, 2018

OK, So THIS Is How You Create A Trump Supporter

Our dear friend Christine Flowers has posted something on facebook that we feel compelled to share with you. It makes a lot of sense:
How do you create a Trump supporter from someone who hates what he says, how he acts and what he has done? From someone who could not vote for him?
It has nothing to do with Trump. But listen, please.
You channel the rage you have against a single man and his acts into a crusade to destroy the foundational principles of decency and fair play that you say you cherish, that you say he lacks, that you justifiably say he has put in jeopardy by his own conduct.
You lie about your actions being targeted at criminals and abusers, and say they are designed to protect women.
You manipulate a process against increasingly narrow odds of your own success, but continue to act in a “burn down the house” way to punish those who stand on the other side of a line drawn in your tears, your spittle and their blood.
You get to the point where the facade of a real purpose, a real and compelling humanitarian purpose, is shattered. You disregard the testimonials to the character of a good man, and pretend to believe the chimeric memories and flawed, broken, inconsistent details of your political vessel.
You pretend to speak for all women, from Eve onward, as you plead for justice. You close your ears to women who are pleading themselves for moderation, for stepping back, for not cutting the gossamer thread of empathy and understanding that connects those who are repulsed by Trump yet refuse to abandon due process and fairness, and you.
You delay. You posture. You throw your sons under a bus driven by your daughters. You gaslight. You are unmoved by reasoned argument. You say “we will avenge the sisters,” even when many sisters are saying “leave us alone!”
You make a mockery of your opponents, many of whom dislike this president as much as you (but not for the same, or all of the same reasons.)
You taste blood.
That is how you create a Trump supporter. What a pity.

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