Saturday, September 29, 2018

The Book On Booker? Well, You Decide . . . . .

From our friends at Save Jersey
By Matt Rooney (reprinted with permission)

It’s a full-time job keeping tabs on the aberrant behavior and many, many hypocritical actions of Senator Gropacus (“Cory Booker”), Save Jerseyans. Sometimes it’s exhausting. You’re welcome.
The Kavanaugh hearing is revealing all this to a national audience for the first time; here in New Jersey, we’ve known he is bat-shit crazy for years. Booker’s own confessed teenage groping incident (which he admitted in a column while he was still at Stanford) got a ton of traffic on this site when we brought it back up last week.
More recently? In 2017?
You may’ve forgotten or never knew to begin with, but Booker told the press that Bob Menendez (then under indictment for bribery) MUST be treated as innocent until proven guilty.
“He’s innocent until proven guilty. So he is an innocent man,” Booker said at the time, donating $20,000 to Menendez’s legal defense fund. “If he’s proven guilty, I think there’s going to be some serious appeals because I think there are some fundamental constitutional questions that I’ve never seen in a case like this.”
There’s still NO corroborated evidence that Judge Brett Kavanaugh did anything untoward, but that hasn’t stopped Booker from calling for his withdrawal.
Menendez escaped prison narrowly via mistrial BUT the Senate ethics committee severely admonished him and ordered the senior senator to repay $1 million in improperly-accepted gifts.
Why Booker lost his faith in the due process and the presumption of innocence in ONE short year is something a mainstream reporter should ask him. I would myself but, as regular readers know, the coward has blocked me on Twitter.

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