Monday, July 6, 2009

Beatles Win Entertainer Poll

One hundred and thirty seven people voted in our poll which asked: Who among these five is (are) the world's greatest entertainer(s)?
That was a record number for this site.
You were only allowed to vote for one.
And, you picked The Beatles, followed by Elvis Presley, then Sinatra, then Michael Jackson with Judy Garland a distant fifth.
Here are the raw votes:
The Beatles - 38 votes.
Elvis - 35 votes
Sinatra - 28 votes
Michael Jackson - 27 votes
Judy Garland - 9 votes. Of course, The Beatles had four members whereas each of the others were single acts. So, among the single performers, Elvis is still tops. And The Beatles and Elvis easily garnered more than half the votes.
Thanks for participating.
We'll have more polls soon!


mjloehrer said...

Obviously, the contestants were put in according to decades: 30's through 90's. That was considerate knowing that there are probably more sixty year olds who read this blog than any other.

Dan Cirucci said...

Actually, MJ they were put in alphabetical order - just to be fair.
I don't really know the age demographic of this blog but I like to think it's younger than we might suppose.
Well, that's what I LIKE to think, anyway!

Sean Schafer said...

I think it runs the gamut. Besides, with 50,000 hits I'm sure there's been people from all walks and ages. Congrats again.

and fyi...

I voted Sinatra! Regardless of age, I think anyone who grew up in an a size able city family with the presence of a grandfather always around has been bred to love Sinatra... At least everyone I know! haha

Anonymous said...

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thanks for sharing with us ;;

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