Friday, July 3, 2009

Capital Grille Cherry Hill

Capital Grille Cherry Hill.
Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?
Well, the new Capital Grille is up and running at the Cherry Hill Mall so we recently decided to give it a try.
This new restaurant is located on the Haddonfield Road side of the Mall in front of the great new Nordstrom store. The Capital Grille is a free-standing building with valet parking and a small but nicely landscaped outdoor dining area. Once you step inside you will be greeted by the dark hues, large oil paintings, distinctive lighting fixtures and woodsy atmosphere that define The Capital Grille.
The speciality here is steaks and the approach is Big Deal dining.
A bar area runs across the front of the property just to the left as you enter. Then, a huge glass-walled wine preserve separates the bar from the dining room which is open but hushed, plush and subdued. The open grill lies beyond the dining area.
We've been to the Capital Grille in Philadelphia many times and we knew what to expect. And, our expectation were high.
The martinis were cold and crisp and the signature breads were fresh and delicious as usual.
We shared a Caesar salad which also lived up to expectations.
Regrettably, we ordered a fried calamari appetizer which never arrived.
After several apologies from the server, we noted that the entrees were ready and felt we should move along with the dinner.
Steak entrees were presented along with sides for the table. Service is a la carte so side dishes must be ordered separately. When ordering steaks here, rare, rare means rare (mostly pink and served warm) and well done means well done (no pink, and just this side of burnt on the outside). Each steak was cooked to order and sides (huge, crispy fried onion rings and seasoned fries) were presented in cone-shaped nests.
Because our calamari was MIA, our party of five was invited to select three complementary desserts. We chose a brownie cookie ice cream sandwich (more cookie than brownie and not enough ice cream) a slice of key lime pie (legendary and delicious) and creme brulee (dreamy).
You can enjoy a lush, leisurely evening here and know that you are dining at one of the finest restaurants between Atlantic City and Philadelphia. This is surely a cut above.
I expect that for most people dinner at The Capital Grille Cherry Hill will be a special occasion or expense account event. Plan to spend between $80 - $150 per person, including tax, tip and an adult beverage.
Of course, lunch will be more affordable and we will report on that later.
Our best wishes to Cherry Hill Capital Grill General Manager Philip Holcombe and his staff.

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