Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Toomey Tied With Specter

Could it be that the people of Pennsylvania have finally had it with Arlen Specter and his bag of tricks?
Could it be? Could it?
Well, Pat Toomey has just pulled even with Specter.
Here's the story from the and the AP:
A new poll shows conservative Republican Pat Toomey virtually tied with incumbent Democratic Sen. Arlen Specter if Pennsylvania's 2010 Senate race were held today.
The statewide survey by Quinnipiac University released Wednesday showed Specter supported by 45 percent of the respondents and Toomey with 44 percent.
One out of 10 registered voters said they hadn't made up their minds.
The poll showed both Specter and Toomey far ahead of their leading rivals for the Democratic and Republican nominations in the May 2010 primaries.
The telephone poll conducted during a six-day period that ended Sunday included 1,173 voters.
The sampling error margin was plus or minus 2.9 percentage points

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