Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chris Listens, Corzine Deceives

Chris Christie and Sheriff Kim Guadagno spent time yesterday having a discussion with New Jerseyans about the challenges they face in their day to day lives and laid out how a Christie - Guadagno Administration will turnaround the rising unemployment rate, create long-term, sustainable jobs and make it easier for communities to grow. And Chris and Kim will be at it again today as they travel the state discussing real issues with real people.
Meanwhile, Governor Jon Corzine did what he does best and ducked talk about the real issues by releasing another false and negative attack ad.
Christie Campaign Manager Bill Stepien said, "Jon Corzine has now spent over $4 million since the primary on television ads that don't address a single issue Chris discussed yesterday with the residents of Hamilton, let alone whatever the governor's vision is for fixing these problems. This is a governor who only knows one way to run for office, and we've seen him do it over and over again. Instead of solutions, it's easier to slash and burn your opponents with his Wall Street millions. Instead of taking cheap shots, we challenge the governor to actually talk about what he's going to do to fix our state's 9.2% unemployment rate, put an end to his crippling taxes and create sustainable jobs to reverse the 16,000 New Jersey jobs lost under Corzine every month."

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