Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our Flag Deserves Better!

Summer is America's season. And it's also the season of Old Glory. It's the time of year when our flag seems more visible than ever. It flies proudly at Fourth of July celebrations, leads parades and community observances, decorates monuments and gravesites, flutters above tall buildings and city streets.
This is the season of the red, white and blue. But I'm worried about our flag because too often I see it displayed with everything from indifference to disrespect or dishonor.
I know that lots of people displayed the flag right after Sept. 11, and that was understandable. Old Glory naturally appears when we want to come together as a nation and demonstrate our strength, unity and pride. But some of the flags that were flown after 9/11 seem to still be on display nearly eight years later. And what's left of them is not a pretty sight.
And it's not just the original Sept. 11 flags that leave me with an unsettled feeling. I see too many other tattered flags, faded flags, worn-out flags.

To read the rest of my column in today's Philadelphia Daily News click here.

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