Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Elizabeth Taylor Health Crisis

No, Dame Elizabeth Taylor did not collapse when she heard the news of Michael Jackson's death.
But yes, Taylor is distraught over the passing of the "purest, most loving, most giving" friend she has ever known.
Still, Elizabeth was not suicidal over Jackson's death as some have reported.
But Elizabeth Taylor is not in good health. She's 77 years old and is confined to a wheelchair. She's not ambulatory and has recently undergone extensive tests.
Someone who saw her at the test site reports that she is barely
recognizable. In fact, this person who chatted with the Last Great Hollywood Star did not even realize who she was chatting with until her brief conversation with Dame Elizabeth was almost over.
Taylor was reportedly accompanied by her beloved Maltese dog, Daisy. Taylor adopted Daisy when Daisy's predecessor, Sugar died in 2005.
At this point in her life Dame Elizabeth is completely focused on dogs and connected with dog lovers.
BTW: We understand that Elizabeth will have to undergo more medical tests. In fact she will be back in the hospital on Wednesday or Thursday to complete tests she had already begun.
Don't count Elizabeth Taylor out, however. She remains the ultimate survivor!

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