Thursday, July 16, 2009

Democrat Rule Fails Cities

Camden, New Jersey one of the poorest cities in America, is my hometown.
It's where I grew up; where I attended the public schools through high school; where I was molded.
Camden has been solidly controlled by Democrats for more than half a century and New Jersey's Democrat governors have long promised to resurrect Camden. Jon Corzine talks the talk when it comes to Camden but like others, he's doesn't walk the walk.
Here's the legacy of Democrat rule and Democrat promises in Camden:

On Education:

In 2007, the New Jersey Department of Education failed Camden's Public Schools in all five categories of evaluation. They scored just 6% in Instruction and Program. (NJ Department of Education, "Commissioner's Evaluation of the Trenton School District," 07/23/07)

52% of Camden High School seniors didn't pass the state's standardized graduation exam. (NJ Department of Education, 2008 Report Card)

On Employment:
In May 2009, 17% of Camden's residents were unemployed. (US Bureau of Labor Statistics, accessed 07/14/09)

On the Economy:
38% of Camden's residents live below the poverty level. (US Census Bureau 2005-2007 American Community Survey)

On Crime:
In 2007, Camden suffered with over 42 Murders and 1,755 Violent Crimes. (NJ State Police Uniform Crime Report 09/08).

For Camden, Newark, Paterson, Trenton and other New Jersey cities things can't get much worse.

This week New Jersey gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie is touring New Jersey's major cities with new ideas, new plans and new initiatives for their future. Isn't it time we turned away from the clearly failed practices of the past and turned to new leadership for New Jersey and its cities?

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