Friday, July 3, 2009

Palin Surprises; Moves Foward

Sarah Palin's impending resignation as Governor of Alaska seems to indcate that she is positioning herself for a presidential run.
She wats to focus on her future, open up her options and move forward.
Paln has huge spport and grea potntial.
She doesn't play by traditional rules. She has a nimble mind, great spirit and a competitve nature that naturally propels her forward. Sh like toget in there with the Big Boys and mix things up.
Palin is a quick learner.
All of this makes Palin remarkably refreshing.
Big media senses that this woman cannot be tamed, cannot be intimidated and is not threatened by their antics. Members o the mainstream media dn't like this. They aren't used to it.
But Palin doesn't care.
She listens to her own drmmer.
Apparently, lots of people hear th same drummer.
Wach out, America.
Things are aout to get a helluva lot more intersting!

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