Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Greenwald Slammed On 'Pain'

New Jersey State Senator Marcia Karrow, R-Warren and Hunterdon Counties, said this in response to insensitive comments made by Assembly Budget Committee Chairman Lou Greenwald on New Jersey 101.5 FM Radio.
Greenwald reportedly said that if the economic crisis “is solved too quickly, people believe the pain was not real, and I think it will be very easy for elected officials to fall into old habits and bad habits. We need true reform."
“As gratifying as it is to see Corzine, Greenwald and other Democrats giving lip service to reform of their own job-killing economic development and fiscal policies, I have to differ with Assemblyman Greenwald on one point,” Senator Karrow said.
“My constituents do not need prolonged economic hardship to understand that Trenton desperately needs reform. They’ve been demanding it for the last eight years! They saw this economic crisis coming because of Democrat policies discouraging job creation and economic growth in our state. The question is why didn’t Governor Corzine and Chairman Greenwald?
“Just a few years ago, Greenwald and other Corzine Democrats were talking about ‘having the courage to spend’ as they raised every possible tax and fee on the businesses and individuals that create jobs and economic growth. They let state economic development efforts languish to near irrelevancy as jobs fled the state. They ignored desperate pleas from Republicans and every member of the business community for sensible and responsible regulation.
“Only now, when New Jersey has far higher unemployment than any neighboring state, are they belatedly calling for reform of job-killing policies. Only now – as we are on track in this decade to lose more private sector jobs than we’ve gained for the first time in our modern history – are they jumping on the job-creation bandwagon.
“Assemblyman Greenwald, it’s far too late for you to see the light and advocate for reform. The only ‘true reform’ that will work in Trenton is a change in leadership so that we can repeal job-killing policies.”

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