Sunday, July 19, 2009

Civil War Underwear Show

Ever wonder what they wore under the heavy garments of yesteryear?
Underwear from the Civil War era is currently on exhibit at Smith Plantation is Roswell, Georgia. The show runs through July 31.
The exhibit features original examples of Civil War era women, men and children’s underclothing as well as women’s wrappers and men’s dressing gowns.
Wrappers and dressing gowns, or Banyans as they were sometimes called, were very commonly worn inside the home.
“At Home” accessories such as women’s day and night caps, men’s smoking caps and house slippers are also on display.
Original underclothing on display includes all the various layers of underclothing for women, men and children.
A special addition to the collection is a pair of dress under-sleeves worn by the daughter of General William T. Sherman

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