Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why Famous People Die Together

Why do famous people die at around the same time?
Look at this list:
Princess Diana (Aug. 31, 1997) and Mother Teresa (Sept. 5, 1997).
Authors Aldous Huxley and C. S. Lewis (Nov. 22, 1963), who were joined by President John F. Kennedy (also an author).
James Brown (Dec. 25, 2006) and former President Gerald Ford (Dec. 26, 2006).
Pope John Paul II, head of the smallest kingdom in the world, the Vatican (April 2, 2005), and Prince Rainier, head of the second smallest kingdom in the world, Monaco (April 6, 2005).
Milton Berle, Dudley Moore and Billy Wilder (March 27, 2002).
Hunter S. Thompson and Sandra Dee (Feb. 20, 2005).
And, most recently Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.
Author Marilyn Johnson, has a new book about obituary writing called "The Dead Beat," and Johnson claims that "mystical forces" are needed to explain why different famous people die on the same day.
Johnson says these cluster deaths are "supernatural."
She has no other way to explain them.
She seems to feel they are part of some larger plan.

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