Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cozine's 'Boast' On Jobless Rate

Following the release of new unemployment numbers for the state, Governor Jon Corzine yesterday sent off a self-congratulatory email about New Jersey's economy.
Corzine's cause for celebration was the 9.3% unemployment cited in the report - he even went as far as calling this "real progress for New Jersey."
Governor Corzine has twisted words and facts and performed so many rhetorical gymnastics in the past weeks, there's no telling whether he believes he "prevented" the economic downturn, or that the ditch of 9.3% unemployment he's driven our state into is "real progress."
There are some things we know for sure - Governor Corzine is out of touch with New Jersey families who are struggling through the higher property taxes, higher sales taxes, and higher fees he has burdened them with. The only "real progress" that's been made is in moving New Jersey closer to putting the failed governorship of Jon Corzine behind it.
And the only way to do that is to elect Chris Christie Governor.
New Jersey is broken. Chris Christie will fix it.

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