Monday, August 10, 2009

Corzine Lags On Ethics

New Jersey Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean issued the following statement regarding vacancies on the “Governor’s Local Government Ethics Task Force.” The panel was created September 24, 2008 by Governor Corzine’s Executive Order 119.
“When it comes to ethics reform Jon Corzine talks the talk but he won’t walk the walk. More than ten months after its creation, every seat on the ‘Governor’s Local Government Ethics Task Force’ remains vacant. This is typical of an administration that that made many lofty promises on economic growth, property tax relief and ethics reform, yet failed to follow through on many of them.
“Less than two weeks ago, following the arrest of 44 people accused of corruption, many at the local government level, the governor stated that “the ethics problems that occurred, we have all the laws we need.” Obviously the governor thought differently less than a year ago.
“Given this set of circumstances Governor Corzine must immediately call a special session of the Legislature to adopt new and stricter ethics reform legislation. Republicans have suggested the following bills that could be considered:”

S-287 (T. Kean), 03-17-2008, limits contributions by certain public contractors; limits contributions by county and municipal political party committees.

S-445 (Pennacchio/Codey), 01-08-2008, "Transparency in Government Act;" provides for establishment of State public finance website.

S-600 (Baroni), 03-17-2008, prohibits campaign contributions by certain individuals, businesses or other organizations that purchase or acquire property involved in eminent domain proceedings.

S-684 (Beck), 01-08-2008, a bill that prohibits county committee of a political party from contributing to or accepting contribution from another such county committee.

S-685 (Beck), 12-15-2008, would prohibit the simultaneous holding of certain State, county and municipal elective and appointive positions, often referred to as ‘dual office holding’.

S760 (O’Toole), 03-17-2008, establishes stricter limits on contributions to county committees of political parties and by county committees to candidates; prohibits contributions between county committees.

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