Monday, August 10, 2009

Adler's Town Hall Quickie

Quite a few people here in South Jersey have contacted me about Democrat freshman Congressman John Adler and they're not very hapy.
It seems that Adler decided to hold a Quickie Town Hall session at the Cherry Hill Community Center this past Saturday (August 8) for one hour.
As part of the announcement of the meeting Adler sent out recorded phone messages (robocalls) to constituents. But it seems the phone messages arrived on Saturday morning about an hour or so before the actual meeting. And, don't forget - the meeting was only an hour long.
I happened to be out of town on Saturday. Frankly, I didn't pay much attention to my home voice mails. But when people alerted me to this I went back and checked. Yes, I did get a call from Adler about the Town Hall. The robocall came in at 9:57 AM for an 11 AM meeting -- 11 AM the same day! That was barely an hour notice.
Had I known about the meeting earlier I might have attended. And I probably would have brought other constituents along with me. And I might have publicized the meeting here.
But then again, maybe Congressman Adler wasn't all that interested in having me or my friends at this session. And maybe his staff is not that anxious to have these sessions publicized here.
I mean, I might have gotten passionate about a subject such as health care and even raised my voice a bit. And we all know that (according to Pelosi and Hoyer in today's USA Today) raising your voice at a Member of Congress is downright un-American.
After all, we don't wanna get all hot n bothered in August now, do we? And God forbid we should raise our voices to elected officials - especially here in Joisey where public officials are always so well-behaved, well-intended and squeaky clean.
So, Adler had his Quickie Town Hall and I hope it met all his expectations. I hope it was good for him.
BTW: The Congressman's web site indicates that no additional "Congress On Your Corner" events have been scheduled by Adler for now. If I hear of any I'll let you know.

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What a weasel.