Thursday, August 27, 2009

Obama: The New Kennedy Brother?

Yesterday, on radio and television MSNBC's Chris Matthews (aka "Aunt Blabby") wasted no time in proclaiming President Barack Obama "the last Kennedy brother."
Isn't it interesting: Now that all of the Kennedy brothers have gone and can no longer speak for themselves Matthews has decided that he will speak for them.
Matthews says that Ted Kennedy handed the "ball over" to Obama before he died. He claims that Teddy passed the torch of Camelot not to a member of his own family but to President Obama.
Well, it's true that Kennedy supported Obama for the Presidency.
But other members of the Kennedy family publicly broke with Teddy and supported Hillary Clinton.
Let's get this straight: There is no Camelot. The Kennedys do not preside over a kingdom; they do not rule via a bloodline and they cannot automatically transfer their rule or whatever presumed powers they have either to members of their own family or anyone else.
We don't live in a monarchy.
And our President is not a King.
And one other thing: It's time for Chris Matthews to shut up!

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