Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hello, Vietnam And Nigeria!

Over the past few days visitors to this blog have included people who live in Vietnam, Romania, Spain, Belgium, Nigeria, Canada, Germany, France, Brazil, Finland, India, Singapore, Italy and all over the United States.
We are literally welcoming visitors from every corner of the world!
Why? Because we're reporting on topics, people and place that interest everyone: politics, the arts, culture, movies, music, TV, celebrities, morals and manners, oddities, personalities, the strange, the incredible, the offbeat and the wondrous. And, oh -- have we mentioned New Jersey? That too!
In fact, we consistently rank among New Jersey's top 15 blogs as reported by Blog Net News New Jersey.
We roam the landscape from the Garden State to the garden spots of the world.
And we welcome everyone!

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